SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs


Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, production, disposal, safe and effective use, and control of medications and drugs. The practice of pharmacy requires excellent knowledge of drugs, their mechanism of action, side effects, interactions, mobility and toxicity. At the same time, it requires knowledge of treatment and understanding of the pathological process. Some specialties of pharmacists, such as that of clinical pharmacists, require other skills, e.g. knowledge about the acquisition and evaluation of physical and laboratory data.

Software for Retail Pharmacies

Our innovative software is simple to use for retail pharmacies. OPERATE YOUR PHARMACY USING YOUR MOBILE. No need for expensive computers or software professionals employed in your pharmacy. You can provide quality service to all your customers. Pharmacies can Tie-Up with the nearest clinics and help the patients receive all medicine before they leave the clinic. 

Check availability and place the order

Retail pharmacies, even in rural or off-road in urban areas, can increase their customer base by providing services like corporate pharmacies.

It is a major problem for people to find the availability of medicine. More often, one pharmacy may have all the medicine. Our design helps people to check availability from multiple pharmacies before placing an order. Unfortunately, This feature is currently unavailable in any application or software worldwide.

This unique feature helps not only people but also retail pharmacies to serve patients by staying connected online.


Live Tracking of delivery

You can serve your customers with a live tracking feature. Our design enables every pharmacy to stay updated regarding the status of the medicine booked for home delivery. 

Every order generates an OTP for the customer and the pharmacy. The OTP feature ensures that the orders are delivered to the correct customers.

Choose your service & manage customers

You can choose services like retail, home delivery, overseas delivery, and wholesale.

You can tie up with doctors and increase service by directly delivering medicine to nearby clinics. This feature helps the clinics to reduce the responsibility of operating a pharmacy within the clinic, at the same time, serve the patients with pointed delivery of medicine.

Pharmacies can have the details of their clients, which will help direct communication regarding offers and promotions.

The pharmacies having the order history of medication to customers facilitate repeat orders. Also, partial delivery avoids orders resulting in wastage.

Manage your customer and ensure permanent customer relations 



The software is available at web.swardoctor.com.

 Just register yourself. The application is available for mobile phones on the play store (Android) and app store (iOS)

The only software in the world for retail pharmacies to operate like corporates. Customers can directly check medicine availability without going physically to the store. Place orders and track delivery

Yes! The basic version is completely free.

Accept payments using our software. Our payment portal is completely secured with a high standard. Coming soon; inventory management and live tracking of delivery

Our software works in all countries.

Yes! People can order with or without a prescription. It is the responsibility of the pharmacies to comply with the local law of the land regarding the sale of medication.

People can check medication availability from multiple pharmacies at a time. Can stay connected with local pharmacies, which are safer than unknown delivery services. In case of issues, you can approach the local pharmacies. 

Yes! Our software allows cross-country delivery of medicine. Pharmacies shall follow all regulations for such transactions.