SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

Healthcare Engineering

We are the 1st organization in the world to collaborate with doctors and engineers to facilitate the best healthcare for all. Our focus shall be proactive healthcare, which encompasses healthy homes, hygienic infrastructure, organic living, and sound healthcare practices. Our vision for the world is to ensure our home is a place for happy & safe living even if someone falls sick. In other words, why should we get admitted to hospitals? Let us go to hospitals only for critical care and procedures. All other care services should be home-centric.


Why Choose Us

empower Doctors

In this world of corporate culture, we are the only IT platform to empower doctors to build their patient base and operate.

Empower Retail Pharmacy

Operate your pharmacy with our affordable IT services. Establish direct delivery service with nearby Clinics

own your own Health Records

Neither Governments nor private healthcare providers can manage your health record. ONLY YOU CAN, with the help of SWAR Doctor

Home Healthcare

SWAR Doctor is responsibly recommending items that are hygienic for installation at home

Our Services

The Healthcare Engineering segment of SWAR Doctor LLC is focused on providing consultancy services for the best & safe home for living beside our specialty in healthcare facilities:
1. Best Home: This segment of our service concentrates on practical solutions for your dream homes which are wellness-focused with features for healthy & safe living
2. Healthcare Facilities: This segment of our service concentrates on Engineering solutions for healthcare facilities. We have experts with more than 25 years in building state-of-the-art multispecialty hospitals and huge healthcare developments
3. Medical Gases System audit, heating ventilation and air conditioning system audit, Water system audit, Circadian Lighting, Internet of medical things (IoMT), Internet of things (IoT), Integrated building management system (IBMS), Laboratory Information systems, Picture archiving and communication systems, Nurse call systems, Fire Protection, Pneumatic Systems, IT infrastructure, Isolated Power Systems, Central battery systems, Emergency power systems, Central Sterile Supplies department, RO water for hemodialysis, hot and cold water systems, specialized drainage systems, Invitro fertilization (IVF) facility design

We Integrate

First-ever software integrating all stakeholders related to healthcare

Get Empowered

Yes! Need not be corporate-dependent professionals. Doctors, nurses, pharmacies, labs, etc. Enroll and interact with patients.

Clinic on Mobile

Operate your clinic using our simple software. Reduce dependency on paper-based clinics and improve efficiency

Our Team

We are a proud team of innovators. Let us make things happen. Healthcare is a fundamental need for every individual, home, society, and nation. Specialists are teaming up to take the concept of a “healthy home, healthy life.”

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