SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

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SWAR Doctor is a healthcare IT platform envisioned for all safe and secure healthcare needs, available in your house in your hands. Our services are related to IT platforms serving the healthcare ecosystem for the world. SWAR stands for Simple, Workable, Adaptable, and Reliable.

All information and documentation regarding your health include doctor’s prescription for medication, photos of your medicine, blood/urine/stool test reports, doctor’s medical reports, child vaccination, X-Ray, scan, MRI, and insurance/registration card details, etc.

SWAR Doctor LLC has simplified and categorized all the health records as below:

  1. Registration and Insurance
  2. Prescription or photos of any medicine you are taking
  3. Laboratory reports
  4. Medical reports
  5. Other (any other item not part of the above categories)

SWAR Doctor LLC has introduced two specific folders:

  • Maternity & Child vaccine

Yes, you can! You will find an option to download your health records in the ‘View/Download’ tab under the ‘select the categories and select the file’ to download. You just need to click the Download (↓) button. 

To view the health records of your family members, you will need to go to the ‘Health Records’ or ‘View Health Records’ tab, click ‘Hi<username>,’ and then select a member whose health records you wish to view. 

Absolutely! Your health records can only be viewed by you. All documents are encrypted, ensuring your privacy. Even SWAR Doctor LLC cannot have any access. SWAR Doctor LLC provides an unconditional commitment to never share any information with 3rd party. You can read our Privacy Policy (hyperlink) to learn more.

Your health records can only be viewed by you. However, you do have the option to share your health records with the doctor during online or physical consultations.  

Not at all! Your health records cannot be accessed by others. None of the search engines, like Google, etc., can access it.  Only you can decide to whom and when your information is to be shared. 

There are two ways (iOS and Android platform-friendly)

  • SWAR Doctor App
  • SAWR Doctor Website

You can download the app. on your phone / iPhone / tabs/ iPad and be guided to the operation at ease; the SWAR website can be accessed from any PC/ laptop keying in the URL: www.swardoctor.com.

Even a trained professional finds it difficult to manage the information stored in such personal storage. SWAR Doctor Concept is the future, with special built-in software as required for handling your health care records. If you depend on personal drives, you may need special software to search data, and it will be difficult to open images of the scan, MRI, etc., without the specific healthcare software. In a nutshell, our innovation is simple, easy to handle for all age groups, irrespective of technical knowledge, and embedded with required software specific to healthcare.

Don’t worry! All your records are safe and secured in cloud-based storage, which is accessible through our website www.swardoctor.com. To ensure secure access, you have to use your registered email for OTP.

If you wish, you can allow others, such as a partner, family member, or other trusted friend, to access your record by sharing it with them.

Yes, you can.

CAUTION: When you delete any health record, the specific record, including any backups, will be permanently deleted from the system. Deleted information cannot be recovered.

The Health record is the first step for any treatment. The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven that the same virus affects people differently, wherein personal health record is extremely critical to be digitally stored and easily accessible, all with ease and privacy.

  • Diagnosis reports 
  • Lab test reports concerning the disease
  • Medication information, including the prescription, medicine name, and doses
  • Complication or side effect reports
  • Treatment progress or results
  • Supporting care, such as nutritional diet and therapy details
  • Details of care providers
  • Family medical history
  • Covid Reports 
  • CT scan

Yes, you can. SWAR Doctor app/website has a dedicated folder, ‘Maternity and Child vaccine record,’ to manage maternity and child vaccination records. You can set alerts for the next vaccination and download as PDF the entire data.

Absolutely!  SWAR Doctor app/website has a dedicated folder, ’Maternity and Child vaccine record.’ You can store all your record in one place, from the first week of pregnancy to the last week; in addition, your weight, records, and reports can be saved on a weekly basis. 

Of course! You can have all your family member’s health records in a single SWAR Doctor application. Our application has carefully designed a family-oriented storage system to have segregation of records for each family member, ensuring your privacy.

People move from one place to another more frequently for several reasons, including medical treatment. Depending on the government or hospitals to have your records is not practical (e.g., software adopted by the USA may not be acceptable to China or Russia and vice versa)

Only you can own your health records. SWAR Doctor is here to help solve difficulties in managing yours/your family’s health records because the government and corporate hospitals cannot/ do not do this for you.

You are welcome to contact the email: contact@swardoctor.com for any queries/assistance.

The Basic version is free for all; Special privileges apply to subscription plans. Kindly refer to the subscription tab (Navigation from SWAR App: Click More ‘…’ > Subscription> Subscription Plan.

The main purpose of the software is to enable an individual and small clinics to get empowered to practice with the help of simple, workable, adaptable and reliable software. This will ensure that, the patient care is made easy and properly streamlined

Create your account. The basic service is free. If you choose to get the digital payment option, simply subscribe as a professional user

You can operate from anywhere in the world. Doctors and healthcare providers shall comply with the law of the respective countries.

You can build your career without having to depend on corporate hospitals. Make your private practice rewarding

We bestow SWAR Doctor to only selected healthcare providers with distinguished service. Enroll yourself in our app. We shall evaluate your credentials and social standing before bestowing SWAR Doctor certification

You can access your patient records from anywhere in the world using the secure OTP sign-in process. All data stored are encrypted.

The software is available at web.swardoctor.com

 Just register yourself. The application is available for mobile phones in the play store (Android) and app store (iOS)

The only software in the world for retail pharmacies to operate like corporates. Customers can directly check the availability of medicine without going physically to the store. Place orders and track delivery

Yes! The basic version is completely free. Special features like online payment portals are available for healthcare stakeholders (doctors, clinics, pharmacy, etc.), which is affordably priced based on usage (i.e., Pay as you get revenue using our software) or fixed subscription. It’s the healthcare providers’ choice.

Accept payments using our software. Our payment portal is completely secured with a high standard. Coming soon; inventory management and live tracking of delivery

Yes! People can order with or without a prescription. It is the responsibility of the pharmacies to comply with the local law of the land regarding the sale of medication.

People can check medication availability from multiple pharmacies at a time. Can stay connected with local pharmacies, which are safe than unknown delivery services. In case of issues, you can approach the local pharmacies.

Yes! Our software allows cross-country delivery of medicine. Pharmacies enrolled in our software shall follow all regulations for such transactions. Users shall verify carefully and independently prior to ordering.