SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

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Our vision is to ensure preventive, affordable and quality healthcare service for people worldwide. 

 Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare services globally by providing user-friendly technology, empowering individuals and healthcare providers to enhance service quality, reduce waste, and save costs. This unique technology benefits all healthcare stakeholders, including individuals, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, scan centers, specialists, therapists, nurses, etc., as we empower them for a more efficient and borderless healthcare experience.

Simple and easy-to-use software services enable the digitalization of clinics, pharmacies, private practice of doctors, etc., besides enabling people to book appointments and order medicine and services such as lab tests/scans. In addition, we have safe and secure digital lockers for health records and envisage AI powered chat with doctor’s for better healthcare decision-making worldwide. 

The best part is– Healthcare redefined by the people. We are making it happen!



The IT platform designed to empower doctors and specialists. 
Globally connect with patients and healthcare institutions. Your international presence reaches patients and top establishments.
Private Practice made Professional: 
SWAR’s web and mobile app simplifies private medical practice, facilitating online appointments, digital payments, comprehensive patient records, and second opinion consultations for a modern doctor-patient relationship.
Say bye to social platforms for your healthcare services
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Clinic On the Go! First Time in the World:
Web and mobile based software designed to operate clinics with ease.  Patient history, medical records, online appointments, medications, billing, and token system. REDUCE PATIENT WAITING TIME BY USING SWAR’S STATE OF ART QUEUE INFORMATION SYSTEM!!!
Besides digital services like and payments, you can enter into agreements with labs, and scan centers in our network to operate end-to-end services. Software facilitates seamless transfer of documents and payments. 
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Easy to upload medical records :
Just take a photo or attach a file.
Your medical records are ready to be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Clinics and hospitals can automatically transfer prescriptions, lab test requests, and medical reports to the patient’s health record locker.
SAFE and SECURE: Encrypted and stored in Microsoft Azure for privacy . Login using OTP (one-time passwords)  ensures an important level of privacy for your data
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Order medication in two steps:
Step 1 – Take a pic and upload the prescription.
Step 2 – Select the best offer & place the order.
The Pharmacy is ready to deliver to your door. Or search for a nearby pharmacy and place an order.
Pharmacies in our network can enter into a business agreement with hospitals, clinics, and doctors. 
People get medication easily. Pharmacies get increased business, and doctors benefits from local pharmacies without having to operate in-house pharmacies. WIN-WIN Solution. Click web.swardoctor.com to register.


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SWAR Doctor shall be pivotal for people centric healthcare.  

Learn from past and build a better tomorrow.



The initiative of document app for healthcare records made me so happy. At least someone making a simple app usable by common public. Taking photo is an universal language. Exited with the innovative thought.
SWAR is so dear to us.  This special initiative is all about SWAR. We are integral part of this wonderful journey. We are confident that this web & app will soon become essential part of everyone's life. Thank you all
Mr & Mrs Jr.King & The Luck
Owner SM LLP
Elon Musk is taking some really exiting steps and ventures. Similarly, I see SWAR Doctor to be the leader in healthcare sector. The vision and the health record vault is really a path breaking step with immense simplicity. Then comes doctor appointments etc.
Dr. Mada